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Luscious Layers - Kelly Daniels (Ses 2)

Luscious Layers - Kelly Daniels (Ses 2)

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Luscious Layers with Kelly Daniels

All Levels 4-week class session
Session 2 - February 7 - 28, 2017
Tuesdays, 6:00pm to 9:00pm
$100, Plus $20 Lab Fee
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave
Clay: Stoneware
In this class we will use a variety of techniques to build successive layers of information at each stage in the making process. Application of monoprint transfers, stencils and mark making techniques will lead us to create complex and compelling surfaces useful for both storytelling and decoration. Processes are applicable for sculptural and functional work and are appropriate for all types of clays and firing temperatures.

Week 1:: Introduce stencils, types, processes and demo. Students make stencils and practice on wet and leather hard tiles provided. Continue with demo of incising, sgraffito, mishima. Finish work to be bisqued for week 2.
Week 2: Demo shellac resist and water erosion on tiles provided or work that students have prepared ahead of time. Demo on bisqueware with wax, tape, and adhesive vinyl resist for glazing. Students glaze work to be ready for week 3.
Week 3: Show and tell of glazed work. Demo monoprint slip transfers and slip trailing on leather hard clay. Also demo underglaze pencils on bisque. Bring it all together and give examples of how all techniques can be used in one piece to create depth of information. Students finish final project to be ready for glazing on Week 4
Week 4: Glaze all work for final firing to be picked up at a later date.

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