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Mayco Workshop

Miraculous Mayco Full-Temperature-Range Glazes with Mayco Glazes

Workshop Presenters: Todd Hickerson and Teddy Wright
Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
All levels welcome
Fee: $25
Location: Belger Crane Yard Studios, 2011 Tracy Ave., KCMO 64108

Are you looking for a little more flexibility in your firing temperatures? Do you need glazes that give you more creative firing freedom? Explore a variety of Mayco glazes that give you great results from Cone 04 all the way to Cone 10.

Mayco's low-fire guru Teddy Wright and high-fire expert Todd Hickerson will share experience and techniques, including glaze combinations, safe glaze layering, stencils, silkscreens and pinpoint flux additions.

Think of it as a Test [Glaze] Kitchen; this whirlwind one-day, hands-on workshop will get you set on a whole new path to creativity. Bisqueware, glazes, brushes and firing included.


Red Star Studios hosts unique, one-weekend workshops with visiting and exhibiting artists from around the world. The workshops accommodate enthusiasts at every level of practice, from beginners to the experienced. Often, these artists are exhibiting in our Gallery during the same month of their workshop, allowing visitors the opportunity to not only admire the work shown in the Red Star Gallery, but to engage in and learn the methods of creation involved in the artists' processes.

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